Investment Management

Guided by over 30 years of experience, our independent firm adopts an objective approach to building tax-efficient, diversified portfolios. As fee-only advisors, we prioritize your best interests, crafting custom portfolios using equities, bonds, CDs, ETFs, mutual funds, and cash equivalents. Our fiduciary commitment builds trust through transparency and a focus on your unique financial goals.

Financial Planning

Answering the question, “how am I doing?” is at the core of our financial planning process. From establishing our relationship to implementing recommendations and monitoring progress, we offer to navigate the entire planning journey with you. Our approach offers a deep dive into your goals, priorities, and potential obstacles, building toward a clear roadmap for your financial well-being.

Retirement Planning

At its core, retirement planning answers the question, “am I going to be ok?” From the early years to wealth transfer, we offer to provide an in-depth look at your retirement journey. Structuring a plan to bridge income gaps, optimize Social Security, and plan for legacy goals, we aim to make your transition into retirement seamless.

Tax Planning

Carefully plotting the tax impact of decisions over time can significantly impact your long-term results. Whether for large, one-time events or everyday planning, our tax planning strategies align with your financial goals. We offer to proactively update your plan to accommodate shifts in your life circumstances, embracing change to keep your financial strategy aligned with your evolving objectives.

Estate Planning

Planning for the future is vital, and our approach makes it more accessible. We offer to provide options and information, assisting you in making decisions that reflect your goals and values. From generational wealth transfer to dynasty planning, we offer a blueprint for estate planning, ensuring your wishes are honored.

Education Planning

Education expenses can be a significant allocation of resources. We offer to guide you in choosing the right savings vehicle, offering insights into 529 accounts, Prepaid College Plans, Coverdale ESAs, or standard brokerage accounts. Our process  considers the impact on financial aid, strategizing for FAFSA filing requirements.

Insurance Planning

While we don’t sell insurance, we offer to provide objective advice on your insurance needs. Conducting a needs analysis for disability and life insurance, we view insurance as a tool, not just an investment. Empowering you to ask the right questions of your insurance professional, we offer to help you make informed decisions.

Special Needs Planning

Flexibility is key in addressing unique circumstances. Our open-minded approach to problem-solving enables our offer of tailored advice for clients with special needs.